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Welcome to Tecolote Youth Baseball!

2014 Fall / Winterball has Begun! 

Games Start Sunday, Sept. 21st.


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  • Congratulations to all the Memorial Tournament Winners!!

First place:  Tec Red
Second place :  Tec Blue

Silver Champions :  Paradise Hills
Gold Champions:  Tec Red

Silver Champions: La Jolla Blue
Gold Champions:  Tec Red

Silver Champions:  Mission Bay
Gold Champions :  CVS Orioles

  • Tecolote will be hosting the Pony 7U, 11U and 13U All Stars beginning on June 28th! Check the Pony website for specific teams and dates to come out and support your Tecolote All Star Players! 


2014 MDT Mustang Gold Division Champion Tec Red!<br>2014 MDT Pinto Tec Red Champions!<br>2014 Pony Champion Tecolote Giants!<br>Congratulations Shetland Tec Red 2014 MDT Champions!<br>
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Recent Results
Field Status
La Jolla Bronco fields - La Jolla OPEN (10/30) 
Mission Bay Bronco - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Tecolote Bronco Fields - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Tecolote Mustang Field - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Tecolote Pinto Fields - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Tecolote Pony Field - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Tecolote Shetland Fields - San Diego OPEN (10/30) 
Home Runs

5/17 Nate Cherry -Bronco Red Sox​
5/17 Tanner Shinkle (2) -Bronco Nationals​
5/12 Tobin Orzel (2) -Pinto Giants
5/12 Oliver Knibb -Mustang Blue Jays
5/7 Joseph Rivera -Pinto Tigers

5/7 Theo Fain -Bronco Red Sox
5/3 Marcus Terzoli -Mustang Pirates​
5/3 Jack Martin -Mustang Blue Jays

5/1 Fisher Pyatt (2) -Bronco Tigers
5/1 Matthew Baker-Dunn -Bronco Tigers​
5/1 Max Fraser -Pinto Red Sox
4/26 Joseph Rivera -Pinto Tigers
4/26 Jesse Chacon -Pony Redsox​
4/26 Russ Childs - Bronco Nationals
4/26 Tanner Shinkle - Bronco Nationals
4/26 John Thatcher - Bronco Nationals
4/26 Zavien Watson - Bronco Pirates​
4/24 Will Meadows -Mustang Red Sox

4/24 Julian Schoolcraft -Mustang Yankees​
4/24 Tanner Shinkle -Bronco Nationals

4/16 Jacob Marshall -Pinto Giants
Jack Evans -Mustang Yankees
4/15 Tanner Shinkle -Nationals Bronco
4//11 Julian Schoolcraft -Mustang

4/10 Louie Smith -Mustang Blue Jays
4/9  Leo Landerer -Pinto Red Sox
4/9 Cayden Nantkes -Mustang Tigers
4/8 John Meins -Pony Red Sox
4/8 Nate Cherry -Bronco Red Sox
4/8 Tanner Shinkle -Nationals Bronco
4/5 Nathan Terzoli -Pinto Yankees
3-30 Stefan Keane -Mustang Yankees
Zac White -Pony Giants
3/24 Ryan Rhoades Bronco Red Sox
3/22 Russ Childs - (2)Bronco Nats
3/22 Jack Evans  Mustang Yankees
3/15 Jake Oliver - Pony Giants
3/15 Richard Cesena - Mustang Nat's
3/8   Marcus Terzoli - Mustang Pirates
3/8   Marcus Mc Bride- Bronco Nats?
2/22  Joseph Rivera (5) -Pinto Tigers
2/22  Zavien Watson -Bronco Pirates